About Seacoast Digital Computers, Inc.

Seacoast Digital Computers Inc. is the largest stocking dealer of DEC cables in the New England area, and are working hard to be the largest worldwide. Our clients range from town and government offices, to oil companies, tire warehouses, and the individual looking for equipment for home offices. Whatever your DEC needs, Seacoast Digital will be happy to help.

Seacoast has been selling new and used computer equipment for more than eighteen years. We have a large leased equipment base and provide contracted on-site maintenance throughout the New England area. We offer depot repair service for our client's terminals and printers.

We have over 30 years experience with the DEC product line. We provide total solutions to our end users, and our consulting expertise has brought many of our legacy based clients into the modern age of computing. We guarantee that all of our equipment is eligible for maintenance by any major maintenance organizaton. If the equipment is being installed beyond our maintenance coverage area we will work with your maintenance firm to have the equipment installed.

We carry a full line of new DEC, Compaq and HP products as well as Multitech and other compatible brands. All equipment carries the original manufacturers warranty.

We offer attractive pricing for your on-site maintenance needs. Our prices are typically 25% to 30% lower than the "Big Guys". We support DEC systems from the PDP11 line all the way to the Alpha products. We handle systems with DEC operating systems and we also maintain any of the Microsoft operating systems.

Our salespeople will be happy to advise and help you decide which product or service will be right for your needs. Just give us a call or send us an email! information request.

108 Route 125
Kingston, NH 03848

Phone: (603) 642-6222
FAX: (603) 642-6090
E-Mail: Doug@seadec.com

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